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Ombudsperson’s Office for Transitional Justice (OTJ) is an office established on 17th January 2021 by the president of Maldives under the Act 28/2020, Transitional Justice Act. The Office consists of three ombudspersons elected by the president, among which one of the ombudspersons is the Chief.

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U.S Embassy Meets with OTJ

Representatives of the U.S Embassy Sri Lanka and Maldives held a meeting with the Ombudsperson’s Office for Transitional Justice (OTJ). …


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Iulaan to open for case submissions – published on gazette

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Inthigaalee Ombudspersonge Ofeehun Massala Belumugai Amalukuraanegothuge Ijuraathuge Qavaaighu

2021/R-53 OTJ Investigation Regulation

OTJ Regulation

161 Law Evidence

Qanoonul Uqoobaath 3rd Islaah (26/2015)