Ombudsperson’s Office for Transitional Justice Concludes All Initial Meetings

The Ombudsperson’s Office for Transitional Justice (OTJ) has successfully concluded the initial meetings of nearly all the cases submitted to the office. OTJ has been unable to conduct the initial meeting for only one case in which the complainant has passed away. Hence, this case will be carried forward with the relatives of the complainant.

Furthermore, while the OTJ has completed investigations in more half of the cases, the next step forward will be the compilation and preparation of the investigation reports of these cases. Additionally, OTJ has also successfully completed the mediation stage in some cases, where the complainants and defendants were able to reach mutual grounds. The OTJ is currently working on finalizing and signing the necessary agreements in these cases.

Moreover, as of now, the OTJ has carried out a total of 53 victim support sessions for victims in need of psychosocial support. The OTJ is also in the process of preparing recommendations for relevant institutions and organizing meetings based on the findings from investigations.

Furthermore, while the office is working on the analysis of documents and statements from the first part of the public hearing conducted in relation to the forced eviction of residents of the South Huvadhu Atoll Thinadhoo in order to identify potential witnesses who can deliver statements, the date of the second part of the public hearing will be announced once the analysis concludes.

The OTJ remains committed to making efforts to complete the investigation of the remaining cases as mandated by the law and regulation in the days ahead.