Ombudsperson’s Office for Transitional Justice Opens for Case Submissions

The Ombudsperson’s Office for Transitional Justice (OTJ) has today opened for submission of cases related to violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms by a person/persons in an authoritative position of power or a state institution/institutions, which occurred between 1st January 1953 and 17th November 2018.

According to the announcement released by OTJ today, those who wish to submit cases as stated in the Act No 28/2020 (Transitional Justice Act), can do so by submitting the “Complaints Submission Form” and “Compensation Form” via email to

Furthermore, the announcement says that the Complaints Submission Form and Compensation form will be available for download on OTJ’s website, The announcement also said that as government institutions are currently closed due to Covid-19, the opportunity to submit cases directly to the office reception will also be opened once office resumes.

OTJ has requested those who wish to inquire about submission of cases to contact the office via their hotline number on 7337486.

Additionally, the announcement also says that OTJ hopes that government institutions provide full cooperation in their work to deliver justice to persons who have been denied their human rights or fundamental freedoms under Act No 28/2020 (Transitional Justice Act) and has requested for the assistance and support of the general public, organizations, media and all stakeholders in the effective execution of their mandate.