OTJ Final Report Submitted to the President’s Office

The Ombudsperson’s Office for Transitional Justice (OTJ) has submitted the final report of the office to the President’s Office to be presented to the President, as stipulated in Chapter 4, Article 46 (a) of Act No: 28/2020 (Transitional Justice Act).

The report, submitted to the President’s Office on 17th November 2023, consists details of the work conducted by the office from its inception until the end. This includes a summary of the decisions made by the office such as the details of all cases submitted to and investigated by the office with the decisions taken regarding the cases. The report also enlists a set of recommendations compiled by the office for the State and government institutions to ensure the rights of the victims of cases and guarantee non-occurrence of such events in the future.

The OTJ hopes that the recommendations given by the office are taken into consideration and a proper mechanism to implement them are established at the earliest.