OTJ to Conduct Closed Hearings on Human Rights Violations, Inhuman Treatment and Torture in Maldivian Prisons

The Ombudsperson’s Office for Transitional Justice (OTJ) has decided to conduct closed hearings on complaints about human rights violations, inhuman treatment and torture in Maldivian prisons.

These hearings will examine the extent of systematic deliberate actions at various stages of arrest and detention within the jurisdiction of OTJ, including deprivation of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and torture.

Additionally, these hearings will provide the opportunity for the complainants as well as others who have experienced such incidents to participate in the hearings and gather information. The identification of other factors surrounding the issues will also consider compliance with domestic laws, rules and regulations to guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of the Maldives and to prohibit acts of torture, as well as international treaties to which the country is adhered to.

OTJ requests those who wish to testify at these hearings are requested to provide their full name, ID card number, contact number, permanent address, current address and relation to the topic before 14:00 on Wednesday, 23 November 2022. This information can be shared by SMS or calling the office at 7223473, or emailing to hearings@otj.gov.mv.